My Personal Climate Change Manifesto


  • I pledge to avoid air travel if at all possible, and to fully offset the carbon footprint for every single unavoidable flight.
  • I pledge to replace my family’s petrol car with a fully-electric car within 12 months.
  • I pledge to replace my petrol motorbike with either an electric one or a bicycle within 12 months.
  • I pledge to always use public transport wherever practical.
  • I pledge to walk or cycle every journey less than a mile.


  • I pledge to reduce my home thermostat to no more than 17.5 degrees.
  • I pledge to replace every single light-bulb in my house with an energy-efficient one within 3 months.
  • I pledge to only buy electricity from 100% renewable sources.
  • I pledge to only by gas from utilities which offset 100% of the carbon.
  • I pledge to never buy any electrical device or white good which does not have an excellent energy-efficiency rating, even if it costs more.


  • I pledge grow as much food as I can myself to reduce food miles.
  • I pledge to eat seasonally and buy food that is grown as close to where I live as possible, even if it costs more.
  • I pledge to remove beef from my diet completely and reduce consumption of all other meat.
  • I pledge to eat a diet which is at least 85% vegetarian.


  • I pledge to never accept a plastic bag at a shop checkout ever again.
  • I pledge to buy loose fruit & vegetables instead of ones wrapped in plastic even if it costs more.
  • I pledge to always carry a re-usable bag, water bottle & coffee cup at all times.
  • I pledge to pack a lunch instead of buying pre-packaged sandwiches if I’m on the go.
  • I pledge to use bars of soap instead of bottles of shower gel or shampoo.
  • I pledge to only use bamboo toothbrushes and eliminate other single-use toiletries.
  • I promise to recycle as much plastic as possible and pick up plastic I see on the street to ensure that it gets into recycling.


  • I pledge to teach my daughters (and others!) about the importance of taking care of the climate and living sustainably.
  • I pledge to keep learning about how I can reduce my carbon footprint still further.



Founder @ FixSpec. One man, trying to make a difference.

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Chris Lees

Chris Lees


Founder @ FixSpec. One man, trying to make a difference.