• Juan Luis Garcia

    Juan Luis Garcia

    Derivatives Business Analyst

  • Brennan McDonald

    Brennan McDonald

    Retweets not endorsements. Definitely my personal opinion.

  • Russell Falcon

    Russell Falcon

    Dad, husband, son, lover of the DotComs, hooked on #VR, $crypto$, tennis, @nyjets fan. @ArcaneRealityVR @somolocal

  • Adoorno


  • Durgesh Chaudhary

    Durgesh Chaudhary

    .Net developer @ Indus Valley Partners since April 2013

  • srinivas padmasola

    srinivas padmasola

  • Sudhir Krishnan

    Sudhir Krishnan

    Software creator, blogger, an aspiring author and a would-be educator. Get over-excited about science, history and technology. http://www.sudhirkk.com

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